Sublease Guidelines

Here are the guidelines to sublease your room or apartment, please make sure it followed

  • The subletter must be a current student; preferably a Clark University student.
  • All your roommates must meet and approve the potential subletter and email me with their approval, or they can sign the sublease form.
  • The subletter’s legal name, email address and phone number must be emailed or otherwise submitted to MaxMia Properties along with the sublease form.
  • The form needs to be signed by all parties involved and sent to MaxMia Properties. Please email Nader Djafari for details.
  • The only people allowed to receive a MaxMia Properties welcome package and set of keys are lease holders.
  • We recommend both subletter and yourself to make an appointment with Nader Djafari at his office.

Download Full PDF here.

MaxMia Sublease Form